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Izzy so loves her Wednesday evenings (TEEN class), these lessons have had a really big impact on her life.

The Arts Factory sessions are amazing! The teacher is passionate, curious, fun and has loads of experience of teaching art. I love the fact that the kids get to work on some of their pieces over a number of weeks, so they have time to think about what they're doing and develop their ideas. Most definitely recommend!

My son loves going to this art club. Always diverse and interesting. I love the fact that they draw outside and take inspiration from current exhibitions,architecture and (not the usual suspects) artists. At last! an art club for kids that is intelligent, engaging and fun at the same time. Lovely, experienced and bright teachers too. Highly recommended! 

Alex has been thoroughly enjoying your classes and I've been loving the art he creates! 

Penelope and Felix will definitely be returning for both the zoom lessons and in person. It's one of the few things during lockdown that they do without complaining. Felix even now says he wants to be an artist.

My daughter absolutely loves Lynn's weekly art class - whether in person, when not in lockdown, or virtually.  It's brilliant to see her progress and try out new techniques and I am amazed at the quality of work an 11 year old (related to me) can produce.  Lynn is warm and encouraging, as well as being a fab teacher.

Thanks so much to you- you've done an excellent job with the online sessions- they've been brilliantly pitched. - Alice

Woody is really enjoying  the After School Art sessions, my husband Nick collected them from club this week and said that both Woody and Flo were in great spirits !