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Street Art Tour
The Gnat & The Lion
Angie Lewin
Afro Muse
The Highwayman
A Wheatfield, with Cypresses

Regular Exhibitor in 

The Royal Academy Young Artists' Summer Show

At THE ARTS FACTORY we run a series of fun and engaging art workshops to help EVERY child realise their full artistic potential. 


Your child will have the opportunity to freely explore a wide range of materials and artistic techniques in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. With her many years of teaching experience in London schools and highly honed expertise,  Lynn will gently guide, support and encourage your child to create beautiful pieces of artwork of an exceptionally high standard. Your child will come away from this class with a spring in their step and brimming with pride at their artistic achievements. There simply is nothing better than seeing a child exceeding even their own expectations!


Wherever possible we base our units of work on live exhibitions currently running in our wonderful London art galleries, thus enabling our members the true delight of seeing the original artworks they have studied. We take our inspiration from many of the well known artistic greats but also delve into the world of lesser known artists and all they have to offer.

Your child will begin to build a portfolio of work to aid successful scholarship applications for secondary schools.

Children can also work towards building a portfolio of work suitable for secondary school art scholarship submission. We can also give support to children on how best to present a portfolio of work.




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